How to Add Facebook Account On Mozipost

To add facebook account to mozipost system is simple.

we will  be explaining the complete steps to adding a Facebook account to your mozipost account in this article.

Note: We strongly recommended you to use Google Chrome Browser while adding a Facebook account or and use Firefox for authenticating apps.

Follow This Step by Step Guide to Add Facebook Account to

  1. From the Main Menu, Navigate to Settings > Facebook Accounts
  2. You can now check the boxes ” Load my Groups, Load my Pages” and Load my own Pages and set how many groups/page you will like to import (Maximum is 500 for each), you can refresh to add more groups or just enter numbers of facebook groups or pages that you want to use. Eg 700
    Note: It all depends on what you will  like to import,when you select Load my groups it will loads all groups you have joined or created. When you select Load my pages, it will imports all the pages you have liked while the option of  Load my own pages will imports all the pages you manage or the ones you are admin of.
  3. After you done the above section by checking the appropriate box, you can now click Add/Update Facebook Account to begin the authentication process.
  4. You will see a new pop-up window that will comes up, just click the Authenticate the App and a Facebook window opens prompting you to login if you haven’t already login.
  5. You will now see new window that will comes up asking you to grant iPhoto permission. Click OK , Please always ensure you set the permission to PUBLIC and then click ok to complete the permission stage.
    Please Note: If you have authenticated iPhoto before will not see the permission again, just move ahead to copy the URL.

  6. You can now copy the URL as shown in the image below, Please Ignore BLANK or ERROR messages on the page and move on
  8. You can now paste the copied URL in the First box and the second will be automatically generated then Click the Add Facebook Account button. And you have successfully added your Facebook account.

If you have not created your account then click here

Please note that when you first login to your account, you get two notifications. The first states that you have no Facebook account attached to your Mozipost account and the second is that you have not selected any application for sending posts.

This article will guide you so as to deal with the first error notification, adding a facebook account.

How to add your Facebook account to mozipost

Step 1: The First Step To add Facebook accounts, click Settings from the main menu

Step 2: Under the Settings, you can go to Facebook Accounts tabs and click Add/Update Facebook Account


Step 3: When you click on Add/Update Facebook Account you will see a pop up window that will comes up. Just Click Authenticate the App

Step 4: You will See another pop up comes up requesting you to log into your Facebook account (If you are not logged in). After login into your Facebook account (Or if you are already logged in),you will see a page that will comes up requesting you to grant HTC Sense App permission.

NOTE: Remember to set the app visibility to PUBLIC as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 5: You can Copy the token in the window that comes up and paste it in the authentication box.


Click Add Facebook Account and you will get the message >> Facebook account has been saved/updated successfully.

add facebook account

NOTE: If you click on Get App Access Token and you can’t find the access token, simply click on Authenticate App again, click Ok and close the window. You can now go back to get your access toke again

Close and refresh the page and you’ll see that your Facebook account has been added to the list. This way you can add as many accounts as you want.

Your account is now successfully added, you can proceed to Select your default application for sending posts.




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