IMPORTANT NOTICE! How You Can safely Post On Facebook and avoid Blocking or facebook jail

You must have heard about ‘Facebook Jail’, it means facebook suspending you from using facebook group or other services for some days, which could last between 1 hours to 21days. If ‘Facebook Police’ discover that you are posting same post content to multiple facebook pages and groups at an alarming speed, then you will be regarded as a SPAMMER and thrown into the Virtual Jail.

To prevent getting banned or suspended from posting to facebook group, we have created this article on what you should and shouldn’t do.

1. Post Time Intervals

The major factor that triggers the facebook jail police is when you post to facebook at an alarming rate. Either to your facebook wall, facebook page, facebook groups or even when you comment on posts. Your account comes under scrutiny when facebook discovers that you are not posting like a human but as a robot who have been programmed to post every 30 seconds.

Either you post manually or with a service such as Pilot Poster, as long as the time in between posts are very little, you are likely to be thrown into facebook jail.


We have made it lot easier for you by providing flexible posting interval between 10 seconds to 25 minutes for instant posting and between 1 Minute to 90 hours for scheduled posts. However, we only recommend you to use the instant posting (Send Now) option when posting to very few groups between and 1-10. If you are posting to a large number of group, you are advised to used post schedule and do NOT use a posting time interval below 5 Minutes and when you shcedule a post you can give the gap of the time then schedule another one. Example: When you schedule a post to be send to 10 groups at an interval of one minute make sure you schedule another one after 11min.


We recommended to use post time interval of 5 Minutes and above

This way the facebook will not block you or facebook jail police cannot flag your account because it is only normal for a human to be able to change facebook group and post in them within 5 minutes.

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